Writer’s Biography


Full name : Adhistya Febriani Dwijayanti. You can call me Adhis; I’m a full timer as market research consultant in Indonesia and part timer as creative blogger, cat lovers and lifetime traveller (hehehe..).

In regards to personality, i do believe that nobody’s perfect. That’s why i recognize that the means listening to other people’s opinion even when they contradict  with my own. It’s important to admit that i don’t have all the answers and sometimes receptive to dissent, but as long as it remains constructive for me, i’ll be fine.

Oher words, in a work environment, I do passionate towards numbers, logic and analysis, because there is a lot of magic inside the numbers!

Quantitative research is my main concern in career and from this i had helped so many clients to solve their various marketing puzzle.

For your marketing research solution and professional networking, please check my linkedin profile:

Hope you guys enjoyed with my Blog! 🙂

Personal mail: a.dhisty@yahoo.com

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